By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Lyme DiseaseIf you were recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, then you most likely you have been to many doctors trying to figure out “What in the world is going on with you?” Most people who were diagnosed with Lyme were not so lucky as to find out right away. Being diagnosed for Lyme happens for many reasons. Usually, this occurs because not everyone with Lyme realizes they were bitten by a tick or some other small bug, or maybe they did not see the tell-tale sign of the bulls-eye bite mark. Some people go years suffering from all sorts of symptoms and have not been diagnosed yet with Lyme. However, once you are diagnosed, what is next?

This answer can be different depending on the various scenarios like whether or not it is chronic Lyme, whether or not you were diagnosed as soon as you noticed the bulls-eyes mark or whether it was contracted a while back. If you were diagnosed right away then most likely you will be given an antibiotic to “knock it out.” Either way, the next step after being diagnosed is getting treatment, and that is a good thing as long as your practitioner is Lyme-literate. If not, do yourself a major favor and find a practitioner who is, because that little bite will have a tremendous impact not just on your health but your well-being too! Most traditional doctors do not have extensive training in Lyme. It will not show up in a regular CBC (complete blood count) or a metabolic panel. It may seem in blood-work that you are healthy but with Lyme, you are not.

If you have recently been diagnosed or suspect that you have Lyme, get help as soon as possible. You do not have to live with debilitating symptoms when there are things that can help! YES there is hope when living and dealing with Lyme. Our clinic is Lyme Literate. We have taken a wide variety of classes from ILADS plus our head clinician has battled Lyme since the 1980s and was misdiagnosed for 5 long years! We have a naturopath on staff that can offer natural immune / Lyme support and a medical doctor that can treat with antibiotics if necessary.

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