detoxificationAlthough it may be uncomfortable to discuss, there are vital reasons we need to know how our bodies cleanse themselves of toxins. Because without detoxification, we would soon become very sick and greatly shorten our lives. So, how does this detoxification process work?

Our bodies detox themselves primarily through four pathways:

  1. Respiration

  2. Perspiration

  3. Urination

  4. Bowel Elimination

In most cases, it can be easily determined if one of these detox pathways is not working optimally or is being hindered by a toxin within the body:

  • Bad breath can be an indicator that detoxification may be needed. Bad breath may also indicate a food intolerance, bacteria, fungus or parasitic infection in the gut, low hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes.

  • Body odor can be supported with proper detoxification. Body odor can be indicative of microbe overgrowth on the surface of the body, as well as within the gut.

  • Inability to urinate and urinating too often can be signs of anything from kidney congestion to diabetes. Dehydration as well as yeast or bacteria overgrowth can also cause this problem.

  • Constipation and / or diarrhea can be signs of detoxification needed through gut support. There may be a bacteria, parasite or fungal overgrowth within the intestines.

  • Weight Gain (inability to lose weight) – When you have tried everything for weight loss and you just cannot drop a pound, detox support can help.

  • Acne: No one likes to talk about acne and blemishes, but acne happens. Acne can be caused by diet or a toxin like a pathogen. Making sure the diet is clean of food intolerances and the body is clean can be very helpful in clearing up the skin.

Again, it maybe uncomfortable to talk about these things, but these are important indicators that should not be overlooked when determining how your body’s detoxification program is working.

  • Respiration removes carbon dioxide from our bodies. Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas that, if allowed to accumulate, can quickly rise to toxic levels. Respiration with odor is usually refered to as bad breath. Occasional bad breath, say after eating something with garlic or something really spicy is normal. The bad breath should go away on its own. However chronic bad breath that doesn’t go away could indicate problems with detoxification.
  • Perspiration is sometimes related to body odor. Body odor that occurs after physical exercise is considered normal and should go away after a cool-down and a shower. However constant body odor could be a sign of an imbalance in your body such as yeast or bacteria overgrowth.
  • Urination and bowel elimination are by far the most testable of our detoxification pathways. Samples of our urine and stool have been used for many decades to determine how well our bodies are functioning.

We live in a world with toxins all around. When our bodies are not detoxing correctly, these toxins can get stuck in fat cells. And once in the fat cells they are difficult to get out. Once detox is supported, the toxins have no choice but to come out of your body which enables you to achieve better health!

When it comes to determining how well your body’s detoxification system is working, Nutritionally Yours is here to help!  At Nutritionally Yours our staff can provide practical and effective alternative supports for you and your family.

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Alane Palmer, ND, CNC