By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Could Depression Be Linked To Nutritional Issues?One hundred and twenty-one million. You read that correctly; that’s 121 million people in the entire world who suffer from depressive disorders. This mental illness affects millions of people every day. Depression is a silent, sometimes deadly, attacker – you might not notice you’re even affected by it as it can take many forms. The 121 million number might not even be scratching the surface, in fact. Many choose not to go to the doctor about it. You just feel like you’re sad, and you don’t want to tell anyone that you feel that way. Maybe you’re feeling glum, but it takes it a step further to guilty, worthless, or unloved. Nothing is worth getting out of bed. You tell yourself that you’ll feel better after a nap, yet it’s ten in the morning, and you’ve only just woken up. Even then, the symptoms can differ depending on if you are a man or a woman. Depression puts on an array of faces, looking vastly different for different types of people.

With that being said, people with depression have shown to have nutritional issues with vitamin and mineral deficiencies according to some studies. The typical American food diet or fast food diet does not support proper nutrient levels. People are on the go, rushed and do not always have the time to eat right. Our brain needs and even craves, various nutrients to function optimally and keep us in a good mood. Not giving your mind the nutrients it needs shows that it can’t do what it’s supposed to do nearly as efficiently, which manifests itself in various ways – including mood issues like depression.

Isn’t this true of just about anything we eat, though? If I’m only putting processed foods into my body, I won’t be absorbing useful nutrients, and those are the bites that my brain requires. Therefore, having a diet full of whole foods can only support my organs and general overall health. Getting my daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s might even help with any depressive spells.

If you are suffering from depression and wondering if it may be linked to nutritional issues, or other issues like thyroid, hormones, food allergies and more, make an appointment today so we can help you feel better!

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