By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

So, the beautiful month of November is here! Get out your favorites boots, jacket, scarf and vitamins! Yes, I did mean VITAMINS! If you want to feel good and look good you have to be prepared to stay healthy this season and there are certain vitamins that can help.

Contrary to every grocery store and pharmacy pushing the flu shot this season, you Can reduce your chances of getting sick this season-Naturally! Furthermore, even if you do happen to come down with a cold or flu…you can still overcome it Naturally too. Let’s look into prevention through some alternative ways like nutrition, supplements, good sleep, and moderate physical activities.

Nutrition. Be sure to eat nutrient rich foods that are high in vitamins and avoid junk food which does not support a healthy immune system. This will help give you a good start and keep you lean this season. Most people will want to snuggle up, eat, and drink comfort foods which are fine occasionally but we want to stay healthy this season! Alane likes to start her day off with a Nutribullet smoothie which consists of 50 % spinach or baby kale, 50% fruit (either berries or mango/pineapple) 2 tbs sunflower or pumpkins seeds and half scoop of a plant based protein powder.

Supplements. Even though you will be eating healthy, you most likely won’t be getting all your needed nutrients through food; it is just hard to do these days! However, make sure that you Are getting your Vitamin C , Vitamin D and Zinc. Vitamin C is a super immune booster! It is also one of our favorite vitamins because it is an antioxidant (which helps fight free radicals and aging). Stocking up on this vitamin will help you prepare for any attacks on your immune system! So boost up with Vitamin C levels.

Let us not forget Vitamin D, it is a “must have’ this season! Why? Well, the reason is because Vitamin D can also reduce your risk of colds and flu! Just be sure that you are taking a Vitamin D3 supplement and not the Vitamin D2 supplement. We run blood-work on vitamin D 3levels and we like it to be around a 60 for optimal health. If you are unsure pick up a 2000 IU vitamin D and start there. If you get sick you are bump it up to 10,000 IU for a few days and then go back down to 2000 IU per day.

The last few are to make sure that you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Stay active; this can be as simple as walking but there are plenty of other things to do indoors and outdoors, so just have fun and be safe!

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