By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

chronic fatigueSo what is chronic fatigue in the first place? Chronic fatigue is basically a feeling of being tired all the time regardless of how much sleep you get. Having chronic fatigue is misunderstood by many people which can lead to a feeling of being dismissed and even unimportant. Too many people are told that the fatigue is “all in your head.” Fatigue is real! We understand Fatigue and how tired you feel!

Chronic fatigue is not “just feeling tired all the time.” Chronic fatigue symptoms can be quite debilitating, and the most common symptoms among people who suffer from chronic fatigue are:
• fatigue all day long
• inability to concentrate
• memory loss
• sore throat
• swollen lymph nodes
• joint and muscle pains
• headaches

With so many symptoms like these, it is understandable why it is so hard to manage everyday life with chronic fatigue. Is there any relief for someone who has chronic fatigue? What kind of testing is there for people who suffer from chronic fatigue? Well, I am pleased to tell you that if you suffer from chronic fatigue, there absolutely is hope. There are a few easy tests which can find the root cause of the fatigue so that you can manage your symptoms and get on with an energetic and full life Let’s look into some of the different types of tests to consider.

*A Vitamin deficiency test will determine which micronutrients your body needs to control your energy levels.
*An adrenal saliva test is very easy to do and will determine if the adrenals are functioning properly. If your adrenals are overworked or stressed out, you will not have any energy.
*Comprehensive thyroid testing is a screening that should be looked into because if the thyroid is not working correctly, you WILL experience fatigue!
*Hormone saliva testing can assist in regaining energy by revealing which hormones are off. Low hormones can cause constant tiredness!
* IgG food reactions can lead to chronic fatigue because your body is not properly breaking down and absorbing certain foods. We can test up to 184 IgG foods with one simple blood test!
* Glucose and Insulin: If these are high the diet needs to be adjusted so the levels do not keep on going higher and higher. We see many people with high insulin levels which cause hunger, fatigue and even trouble sleeping.

Chronic Fatigue does not have to control your life or energy. Chronic fatigue just needs to be controlled properly!

We understand fatigue, how you feel and what needs to be done so you can feel energy again!

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