causes of low energy, solutions for low energy, fix low energy, low energy help, figure out why low energyBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Pretty much on a daily basis, I have clients sitting in front of me telling me they are too tired to function normally. They look worn out and totally exhausted too. Fatigue is real, and it does happen, even to the best of us. One day we are feeling fine, and then we realize something has changed and we are not able to do the many things we used to do in one given day. We have to start picking and choosing what we can get done and leave chores or responsibilities undone till the next day.

I feel so sad for people that are not able to do the things they want to do or have to do in their life. I have suffered from low energy in the past, and if I do not sleep well one night, I will feel fatigued the next day. But for me, that goes away with a good nights sleep. This is not the case for my serious low energy clients. They have low energy even if they sleep 9 or more hours each night. They still wake up tired and not having the energy needed to get through their day.

What causes low energy? Causes of low energy can be different for every client. Some have adrenal burnout and need their adrenals supported, others have hypothyroid or autoimmune thyroid and need their immune system and thyroid to be supported, others have an underlying infection that has been missed, and others have a food intolerance that is triggering the low energy. Whatever the cause is of the low energy, we can find it and help you fix it!

What are some solutions for low energy? This is easy………….find the cause, fix it and get on with living and enjoying your life! Sometimes I give a client a thyroid supplement, and that fixes things, other times we use an adrenal supplement and other times we just tweak the daily diet, and that improves the energy. Once in awhile, we get someone in that has an infection or an autoimmune illness and that may take a little longer to fix but most everyone feels better, even from a chronic illness.

No matter what the cause is, we can find a solution for the low energy! Don’t live life with low energy any longer, come in and let us help you!

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