Causes of Headaches And MigrainesBy Alane Wincek, ND, CNC

Head is pounding, head pressure, face pain, neck pain, feeling dizzy, wanting to go sick in a dark room, troubled by loud noises, lack of patience, aura, constipation, sweating, feeling annoyed, severe head pain, nausea, upset stomach……..

These can be some of the symptoms people get when they get headaches and migraines. They can happen to anyone and for a multitude of causes. We see people that are struggling with weekly or daily headaches and migraines at least twice a week. The cause of headaches and migraines can be different for each patient.

Some patients may be reacting to something they are eating. They do not have typical “allergy” symptoms, but they have food “intolerances.” Even healthy foods can trigger a bad headache or migraine day! Another cause of headaches and migraines can be an infection like strep or Lyme. We can test for these and get you on the path back to health and healing.

Other causes of headaches and migraines can be needing to see a good chiropractor. Your spine may be out of alignment. We have a very an excellent chiropractic reference list depending on where you live. There may be a toxic metal like aluminum or metal triggering the pain, a chemical toxin that got into your system like formaldehyde, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Whatever the cause we can find it!

Hormones can be another cause of headaches and migraines. Women go through fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone throughout their cycle. Usually, it is the drop in estrogen that causes the a migraine.

And yes, that word we all do not like to hear, STRESS. Stress CAN cause a headache or a migraine.

Did you know that some people react to changes in weather and barometric pressure? Yes! I can be sitting in my office comfortable typing away on the computer and realize a storm is coming just by the changes in the pressure I feel. I will never forget that terrible snow storm we had in Georgia a few years ago. I had a terrible headache that was turning into a migraine, but as soon as it started to snow, the pressure went away.

Is it your diet?
Is it your hormones?
Is it a toxin?
Is it a chemical?
Is it an infection?

Make an appointment TODAY and let’s talk! We are here to help you feel your best and live your life to the fullest, headache and migraine free!

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