By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

hyperthyroid treatment Hyperthyroid is a condition of an overactive thyroid that produces either (or both) too much triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodothyronine (T4) hormones. These two hormones regulate your energy. The thyroid is a little butterfly-shaped gland that is located in the front of the neck and has the job of controlling your metabolism through the release of the T3 and T4 hormones. Hyperthyroid is an autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to overreact and attack the innocent thyroid gland. It is a condition that is more prevalent in young women than men and is usually hereditary.

Hyperthyroid symptoms are irregular heartbeats, rapid heart rate, weight loss, difficulties sleeping, sweating, elevated blood pressure, hair loss, brittle hair, increased appetite, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, and breast development in men. These are tough symptoms to live with, but they can be helped.

Hyperthyroidism can be diagnosed with proper testing controlled with proper diet, supplements, exercise and medication if needed. All of this can contribute to calming a hyperthyroid and symptoms reduce. People who suffer from hyperthyroidism should make sure that they are supporting their immune system through a supportive autoimmune diet. Certain foods may cause inflammation and an autoimmune response such as eggs, nuts, dairy, soy and gluten grains. Further testing can determine which foods are contributing to symptoms.

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