What Can I do to Help my teens acne problemBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

As parents, we want to strive to help our kids have a healthy self-esteem. When they look in the mirror, we want them to feel confident about themselves. It is hard being a teen and this is the time where they may look to other peers to help build themselves up too. However, when they look in the mirror and see one zit or a pimple, this can affect their entire day! However, having acne all over their face takes it to a whole other level profoundly affecting the way the feel about themselves. As a parent, you see this happening to your teen, and it troubles you to see your teen hurting so much, we understand. You have probably already tried every wash, cream and maybe even a prescription to help them. Certain medicines can help with the acne problem but can cause other severe side effects.

There is help, and you can help your teen Naturally! Yes, naturally through nutrition. Most people are unaware that acne could be due to food sensitivities. For example, let’s say that your teen has a food sensitivity to dairy. However, they never “feel ill” from dairy, and they enjoy milkshakes regularly. Without knowing it, the dairy is causing inflammation in the immune system which is showing up on your teen’s face and back! The good news is that once dairy is exposed as the culprit, your teen will not find dairy appealing as much as they once did. Instead, they will love their new clear complexion once they eliminate the problematic food! Many foods can cause sensitivities including healthy foods. The easiest way to reveal a food sensitivity is by taking an IgG and IgE food sensitivity test. A stool test may also be beneficial to show if there is enough healthy gut flora or a nasty gut bacteria. Both are safe and effective options that could help your teen gain the clear skin that he or she have been dreaming about.

Our head clinician Alane battled acne all of her teen life and even into young adulthood. Her main food culprits were dairy and peanut butter, but she also tested positive for almonds, cherries, goat milk and corn! Peanut butter can cause severe reactions in someone who is allergic, and it can cause severe acne in someone who has a peanut sensitivity. Alane understands acne and what it is like to go through it. If your teen is still struggling with acne and you are in the Atlanta area, make an appointment with Alane today! Even if you are not in the Atlanta area, you can still get an appointment over the phone too! Call today because your teen should feel good about their complexion!

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