acneAcne is not something most people like to talk about, including me. I battled teenage acne many years ago and then adult acne kept showing-up on me too often. It became a daily battle!

As a young girl I tried everything to over the counter cremes, prescription antibiotics, expensive products given to me by a dermatologist and so on. It really started to bother me that I had to bother with acne still, I was getting pretty frustrated with it. I started wondering if I adjusted my diet would it help my skin? It was worth a shot I thought. A clinician I really liked told me to stop eating dairy, so I did and the cystic acne went away. Then as I went gluten free I noticed my skin was becoming clearer and clearer of acne. I also removed nut butters and reduced sugar in my diet and a lot of the redness cleared up.

Like everyone else out there I had to cheat, I just had to see if this was real or not. My youngest son and I were spending a day together and we had what I call a “peanut butter day”. We made smoothies in the morning with peanut butter in them and lunch was a PB&J sandwich on gluten free bread. We went to the mall that afternoon and as we were walking around my skin started to bother me. I went to the restroom and to my kind of surprise I had triggered the acne again! To me this was annoying but fascinating all at the same time.

I had to learn more about how food effected my skin, and how food may be effecting the clients that I see with acne. So I ran a food intolerance test and was pretty surprised at the test results. There were foods testing positive that were healthy foods like almonds, cherries, goat milk and corn that I enjoyed. I had to follow it to see what happened. I did and my skin improved even more.

I am a walking and smiling testimony of can your diet really help acne? The only time I break out now is when I cheat which is not too often! I like my skin clear!

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Medical disclaimer: Testing cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All test results are to be used as educational materials and as a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss health concerns with your medical doctor. We have a nutritionist, naturopath and a medical doctor on staff to help you feel your best.

By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC