best weight loss programBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Annah Gillette

Today even more than ever it seems there are a million different ways to eat. From the traditional low-fat diet to the new resurgence of ketogenic diets. There are also extreme deprivation diets on the market today that can lead to more damage than good. With all the fads mixed in with the science, it is easy to become confused.

First, let’s determine your short and long-term goals. If your goal is to clean up your diet, try new foods, and eliminate processed foods your plan will be different from someone who wants to lose 100 pounds. Be specific. We have to know where we are going so we get on the right road to get you there.

Second, let’s determine a realistic timeline. Yes, you want to lose 100 pounds, but that won’t happen in 3 weeks! Are you looking for that quick weight loss program that makes you miserable and the pounds just come back? Perhaps you want a nutritional lifestyle plan that gives you results quickly, yet is easy to follow and adopt for long-term success.

Thirdly, do you have an appropriate lifestyle support system? I hear this excuse all the time from moms ” My kids won’t eat healthily they only eat french fries and chicken nuggets.” or “My husband is a picky eater and only eats meat and potatoes.” So I always ask “are your children experiencing behavior problems, is your husband carrying around extra weight or just not himself?” Creating a healthy home and social environment is crucial to success. If it important for you to be healthy, isn’t it even more important for the ones you love?

Last but not least, hire a nutritionist / coach/mentor to help hold you accountable, tweak your plan as you go, offer solutions when you want to quit and be your biggest cheerleader. You won’t need a coach forever, but it is a great tool in your arsenal of commitment to success!

To bring clarity to what dietary strategies are safe and effective, the International Society for Sports Nutrition published a new position stand. In their new paper, the organization examined literature from more than 140 intervention trials lasting at least four weeks that measured body composition outcomes, fat mass, lean mass, and the effects of exercise training. The purpose of the paper was to discuss misconceptions on various diet methods and the effects they have on body composition.

In the paper, the authors discussed “types” of diets, but did not include any commercially branded diet and weight loss program such as Atkins or Paleo. The dietary methods they chose to include were very-low and low-energy (calorie), low-fat, low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, high-protein, and intermittent fasting diets.

The authors gave special consideration to improvements in body composition with diet changes and weight loss programs that have a beneficial effect on the body separate from benefits solely for sports and fitness applications. They also discussed increases in lean mass and having a higher lean mass to the fat mass ratio as beneficial regarding reducing the risk of the development of metabolic syndrome, bone loss, and sarcopenia.

Types of Weight Loss Programs
Calorie restriction
Low Fat
Ketogenic or High Fat
Low Carb
Gain Lean Muscle Mass
Improve Body Composition
High Protein
Intermittent fasting
Smoothie programs
Hcg herbals

Other Considerations:
Comprehensive testing for thyroid, pituitary, hormones, insulin, A1C, glucose and toxins which are all things that can hinder any good weight loss program.

We have the staff to help you succeed! Our weight loss programs are individually based and include comprehensive testing to make sure your metabolism is performing at its best for YOU!

Which weight loss program is best for you? Make an appointment today and find out more!

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Aragon AA, Schoenfeld BJ, Wildman R, et al. International society of sports nutrition position stand: diets and body composition. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2017 Jun 14; 14:17. doi: 10.1186/s12970-017-0174-y.