best vitaminsBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Even the most colorful foods on our plate and even the best plant-based diet may not provide sufficient vitamins and minerals your body needs daily. I have seen some people with terrific diets and lifestyles, and they still come up being deficient in specific vitamins. To know the best vitamins and minerals for your body requires individual knowledge and testing. Vitamins can be supported by adjusting the daily diet or taking dietary supplements.

I don’t like to guess; I always have wanted to be specific with essential things like my health. Many people benefit from vitamins like beta carotene, vitamin b12, folic acid, vitamin d3, but everyone has different vitamin and health needs. The best vitamins for one person are not necessarily suitable for the next.

Life is busy, and sometimes our lifestyle handers our diet, which snowballs into a lack of certain nutrients. Taking a multivitamin might not be all you need. Sure, it’s a great place to start, and there are plenty of terrific multivitamins for women and men out there. But wouldn’t it be helpful to know exactly what you need to eat more of or take for better health and wellness?

During your initial appointment, we can discuss running some testing via insurance to learn more about the best vitamins for you. We also can discuss our excellent intracellular vitamin test, which is beneficial for young children, teens, young adults, and older adults.

Let us provide you with vitamin clarity and take away any vitamin confusion you may have. We believe in only taking the best vitamins for YOUR health and YOUR body.

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