What Are The Best Solutions For Weight LossBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Weight Loss Solutions……….Weight Loss ……………….Best Solutions for Weight Loss………These are things I hear daily at the clinic from people wanting or needing to have weight loss and keep the weight off. There are always reasons for weight gain and the best solutions for weight loss can be different for each individual. We are all created differently and uniquely, so there is not ONE best solution for everyone.

Here are some of our best solutions for weight loss but remember, the success is different for each person.

Detox solution: We have two ways to help you detox where the result can be a solution for weight loss. One is our lymphatic compression + biomat. People come in and lie on the biomat table and we put the lymphatic machine on you. It is very relaxing and effective. Then we move you to our infrared sauna room for a deep intracellular detox with one of the best infra red sauna’s around! You will sweat out the toxins/fat which is an excellent solution for weight loss for many people!

Nutrition Counseling: This is where we sit down with you and go over your daily diet – we discuss each meal and snack and try to pinpoint where the problems maybe. Many times a simple dietary tweak is all that is needed for your best solution for weight loss. IGG food intolerance testing can also be beneficial here to pinpoint foods that are leading to weight gain and inflammation.

Comprehensive blood work: This is where we thoroughly look at labs to help you know if your metabolism is working FOR you or AGAINST you! We look at things like insulin, leptin, A1C, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, thyroid antibodies, Growth Hormone, Pituitary and more. Many times there is an easy solution to help the body achieve weight loss.

Products to support the best solution for weight loss: YES we do have two favorite programs/products that have helped many people achieve their weight loss goals. We can teach you about them and how to use them, easily in your daily schedule. They are both health beneficial, so there are other health and wellness benefits besides weight loss.

Want the best solution for weight loss? Come in and let us help YOU achieve your goals.

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