By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

What are benefits of holistic medicineMany people are choosing to give Holistic Medicine a try. Holistic medicine has been around for thousands of years in many cultures. People that work in the field and patients that have received health benefits from holistic medicine want to share the benefits with others. It may seem “different” to people at first, who are unfamiliar with holistic medicine, but it is very helpful to many people in many cultures!

What is exactly is holistic medicine? Holistic medicine is non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical practice for healing patients as a whole including the well-being of a person and not just the symptoms. Holistic medicine uses different treatments and techniques that are not commonly used in the traditional medical field. Some of these methods are essential oils, vitamins, and supplements, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutritional adjustments, and extensive nutritional testing just to name a few.

What are the benefits to holistic medicine? Healing, an overall sense of well-being, understanding and being understood, learning, prevention of illness, vitality, energy plus much more! What I personally appreciate about holistic medical is my practitioner tries to problem solve and get to the root of the issue. For me with my thyroid issues, I have seen several different doctors with no real improvement. Years, later I became a part of this new journey in the holistic arena, and my traditional doctor is shocked at my progress, which I know is due to holistic medicine! Holistic medicine can be combined with traditional medicine as in my case, I still used both, but my prescription has been cut in half! I like that a lot:)

Why consider holistic medicine? This answer is as different for everyone as so are the options. For some, it may be word of mouth or testimony from someone that they have witnessed their healing process. Another person may have felt let down by the traditional medicine with no improvement in health status. Moreover, for others, they may do extensive research and only opt for natural treatment. Whatever the reason, people are getting healing and results that can no longer be ignored or kept to oneself.

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