How Allergy Testing in Atlanta Can Help Your SymptomsAlane Palmer, ND, CNC

Every wonder why every year your allergy symptoms act up? I know I do! It usually happens during season changes. The symptoms start with some sinus congestion, an itchy throat and then I feel like I am reacting to all sorts of foods. During season changes I am more careful with my diet, so my immune system does not struggle as much.

At Nutritionally Yours we have natural allergy remedies to help with the symptoms. We also have extensive allergy testing available for people in Atlanta and all over the country. Testing can help as there are specific homeopathic remedies that we can show you based on what shows up on your test results. For example, if this year grasses and mold are causing allergy symptoms, then we would give you a homeopathic that helps with both. And if you feel like food is your issue we can provide you with a specific remedy that helps reduce food reactions.

It is always best to test then to guess! That way you have a clear understanding of what you need to take to help improve your allergy symptoms. This time of the year my allergies to anything outside acts up, so I use a remedy for a few weeks that covers what I need.

We can test for:
food allergies including gluten
environmental allergies
mold allergies
chemical allergies
Yeast allergies including candida

So if you live in the Atlanta area consider coming in for an appointment. We can teach you how to eat to reduce allergy reactions plus we can run allergy testing for you.

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