I can help impDiabetesrove blood sugar balance in the body…naturally. 

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS, or Syndrome X? If yes, we can help educate on healthy ways to eat and utilize some natural supplements and / or herbal remedies as needed.

Symptoms you may be feeling: up and down mood swings, food cravings like sugar, carbohydrate cravings, energy crashes after a meal, dizziness, blurry vision, brain fog, trouble sleeping, night eating, weight gain, infertility, hormone imbalance, nerve pain, feet hurt, PCOS

What is Type 2 Diabetes, Atlanta Ga?
Type 2 Diabetes is non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Insulin affects the way your body metabolizes sugar (glucose), which is the body’s main source of fuel. Type 2 diabetes can be preventable but is increasing in our population due to the increase of people being overweight.  In Type 2 Diabetes your body is either resistant to the effects of insulin, or your body does not make enough insulin maintain normal glucose levels.

What is Insulin?
It is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. Insulin helps the body utilize blood glucose (blood sugar) by binding with receptors on cells. Once the insulin has opened the door to the cell, the glucose can pass from the blood into the cell. Once inside the cell, glucose can be turned into energy or stored for future use.

What is Syndrome X?
Syndrome X is a term for many conditions occurring at the same time which are risk factors for heart disease associated with insulin resistance. These conditions are high triglycerides, low good cholesterol, elevated insulin levels, and high blood pressure.

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) ?
In teens and women is often linked to insulin resistance. PCOS is a hormone disorder where the ovaries become enlarged and develop fluid-filled sacs called cysts. Women with PCOS either have irregular periods or their periods may have totally stopped. PCOS can also cause infertility.

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