Let’s get the toxins out! Chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, metals, do not belong in your body! Every day you’re exposed to numerous chemicals that can effect the way you feel.


LadyTiredAtDeskBefore Detox: tired, irritable, moody, achy, trouble sleeping, brain fog, bloated, fell unwell, acne, weight gain, cannot get tasks done, no time for relationships.

MatureManWomanAfter Detox: energetic, balanced mood, happy faces, reduced pain, improved sleep, focused brain, good digestion, feeling good, clearer skin, weight loss, able to enjoy relationships.

1. Quick 14 day metabolic detox program.
2. 30 day metabolic detox program
3. Hyperbaric Chamber
4. Infra-red Biomat
5. Nutrition Counseling – learn which foods are best for YOU!

Why is  a Metabolic Detox Program in Atlanta Ga important?

Toxins accumulate in the body and can be an underlying cause of a variety of health challenges. We live in a world with growing technology and more and more potentially harmful toxins that enter our body through the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. We cannot avoid them, they are everywhere!

But don’t fret, we can support our body with specific nutrients to remind it how to get these toxins out of us. It is natural to detox though the lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels. But many times our body’s get full of them and the toxins become burdened in our tissues, fat, joints and even our brain and our body needs a push.

Think of a detox program in Atlanta Ga as a spring cleaning or tune-up to clear out some of the junk and get your body back to its peak cleansing performance again.

No worries please,  a good detox program does NOT mean you will starve, or be running to the bathroom all day. We want you happy and feeling good.