Are you a woman suffering from hormone imbalance, and you want to balance your hormones naturally so that you feel fantastic & clear-headed again? 

Are you a woman wondering which hormone imbalances are triggering weight gain and how you can get the weight off and keep it off? YOU CAN! I can show you how to drop the hormone weight and keep it off for good! 

Are you in need of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy so that you  feel and look beautiful and confident from the inside – out? I got you covered!

Most women tend to feel all messed up when their hormones are off. Is that you? Are you desiring to feel balanced and normal again so that your hormones are not running your life, you are?  Let’s work together to get you happy, clear-headed, slim, and smiling. 

Do you have hormone imbalance symptoms, and you need them to get under control so that you feel happier, more focused, less stressed, and able to sleep at night?   Hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, mood swings, PCOS, miscarriages, depression, brain fog, hair loss, your smiles lacks a pretty glow, weight gain around the belly area, trouble sleeping, waking up tired and wanting to get back in bed again, vaginal dryness with a lack of sexual desire?

Would you like to experience what hormone BALANCE feels like? Yes Please! Energetic, happy, calm, sleeping like a baby, a clear mind, perky, able to lose weight and keep it off, increased sexual desire, shiny hair, confidence, and more…..

Natural, Female Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, in Atlanta, GA Works!

How Do I Test For Hormones? We run blood work via your insurance or do saliva hormone testing, which we find more accurate, especially if weight gain concerns. Saliva hormone testing looks at the levels of hormones your body is using and needing. If there is a build-up in the tissues, weight is harder to lose if this isn’t fixed. Can I help you fix it?

Benefits of Saliva Hormone Testing For Female Hormone Balance. Saliva testing is non-invasive, as it does not require a blood draw, and it can be collected easily at home. Saliva hormone testing measures the free fractioned non-protein bound hormones. These hormones are the ones that are available to bind to hormone receptors and induce a response. Traditional hormone blood tests usually identify the hormones bound to proteins, which do not give information about the hormones available to receptors. These levels reflect the potential circulating hormones in the system.

Men… we have not forgotten about you…

We offer an all-natural Male Hormone Support Program too in Atlanta, GA, and the entire USA. 

Men… the aging process is inevitable. Some of you will lose your “vitality” as you age.

Men...Are your feeling fatigue, moodiness, unhealthy, depression, irritability, nervousness, lack of focus or concentration, insomnia, lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, lack of vitality, decreased muscle mass & strength, hair loss, increased fat around the waist, urinary changes, reduced bone mass? We run comprehensive blood or saliva hormone testing and provide you with the right male hormone support protocol to feel energy, vitality, clarity, and happiness again.

Our office is located in Alpharetta, GA, and we serve the entire Atlanta, GA area and all of the United States. We office primarily virtual appointments via  Phone, Facetime, ZOOM. I can help you while you are in the comfort of your home, office or car, just as much as if you were sitting right here. 

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