Smiling woman and her daughterHas your child been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Atlanta, Ga?

Nutritionally Yours has been able to help children with symptoms of autism improve.  That may include better focus, speech, motor skills and more.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?  These are terms to describe certain disorders of development in the brain. Symptoms can vary with every individual. Some have trouble in social situations, others do not talk or communicate well, and some have quick or repetitive speech or movements. Some children with Autism or ASH can sit and play calmly while others need constant supervision due to movements that happen quickly and suddenly.  Some have GI symptoms while others do not. And some sleep peacefully all night long while others have a hard time falling or staying asleep.

Are you looking for an all Natural Support or Treatment for Improving Autism Symptoms?  Look no further! 
What we do is identify imbalances within the body that are preventing balanced health and healing to the child. Autism symptoms can be reduced when there is proper diet, nutrition, supplementation, and even hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions.

Food reactions can cause inflammation (even in the brain)

Autism seems to be caused by inflammation that begins in the womb. The immune system needs to have a balance. Act when needed to produce inflammation but then calm down and stop producing it when there is not a reason to act up. With autism, this balance is not reached. The more the immune system acts up and inflames the body, the worse the autism symptoms are.  And over the years there has been a wide increase in all inflammatory diseases.

Nutritionally Yours is located in Woodstock, GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. We offer Phone, Face-time, ZOOM appointments to people in the local Atlanta, Ga area, and all over the United States.

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Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome Atlanta GA
Alane began helping my son that had been diagnosed with Asperger’s.  She ran a hair analysis on him which indicated elevated metals, and low calming minerals like Calcium & Magnesium. Jacob is showing marked improvement in motor control and reduced anxiety since he started on her program. Just this week, he was willing to ride down a raft water slide alone and follow the lifeguard’s instructions without confusion. For most moms this would be taken for granted, but for me it was a gift from heaven.

Alane colors her analytical expertise with a mother’s instinct and compassion. The autism community is blessed to have her.”

– Lisa

Symptoms in children with Autism improve quickly!
Thank you for all your help! After only TWO weeks on the diet you suggested the kids definitely seem more focused and clear. They are able to learn better too and can remember things more. Their mom also says their eyes look clearer and brighter. They look at us and the world around them more. They can complete tasks better too. Today I told one child to go get some pajama bottoms. He went to his room and got them out of the drawer and came back to me, no problems. He could not do this task on his own before.”

– Lara S, Therapist & Teacher working with autistic children