A Lyme Disease Story – Testimony
written by Alane M. Palmer

“Yes, I totally believe and understand the Lyme exists and too many people are suffering from it.
I have had Lyme Disease since 1983, and it totally rocked my world. One day I was healthy and the next I felt like something had gotten inside of me and was trying to take control over my body. I have learned that eating the right foods and choosing the correct nutritional supplements helps me, so Lyme does not get the better of me!

In the 1980s, my life was full and very enjoyable. I was attending college and studying to be an artist. I spent my mornings and early afternoons in classes, late afternoons were spent studying or taking a walk along Lake Oswego. Evenings were spent working at the candy shop in the student union or dancing at clubs downtown with my friends. I started SUNY Oswego in August 1982 and my first year was great. I decided to stay at school that summer and get ahead with some classes.

I will never forget that summer, it was 101 degrees in upstate NY, and it was HOT! I lived in a house off campus, and the neighbor’s dog came to visit one day. I played with him for a bit and then went out on the town with my housemate Amy. The dog stayed at our house. We got in around 2am, and I climbed into bed. Two hours later I woke up screaming, “Amy help my legs feel like they are on fire!” Amy ran into my room and told me to get out of bed, there were flees and tics in the bed. We tossed the sheets out the window and then threw me in the shower. We went back to sleep, and that was that………….or so I thought.

The next weekend was July 4th, and there was a race at Oswego Speedway I was attending.   I had an ugly rash on my right leg that I did not want anyone to see. So in 101 degrees heat I wore jeans and a tee shirt and off I went.

School started back full time in August, and I was feeling more fatigued than usual. Plus my stomach was acting weird. I just put up with the symptoms and did not think much of it. Over the next year, the fatigue and stomach pains got worse and odd neurological symptoms started.

One night while working at the student union candy store, I was scooping out some gummy bears for a student and noticed my legs felt weak and I was having trouble standing. Later that evening as I was sweeping up the floor my legs gave up, and I fell to the floor. This is odd I thought. Then I started getting very, very cold and my feet and legs lost circulation. I had to warm my feet frequently in a bucket of hot water, and I started to wear wool socks 24/7 to keep warm. This was entirely new to me.  I couldn’t imagine what was wrong with me. I felt like something had gotten into my body that didn’t belong there – and it was creating havoc.

My professors knew something was wrong. My dad called the school often to talk to them asking if the chemicals from the paints, inks and other chemicals could be making me sick. They said that the ventilation system was excellent, and they did not think that was the cause.

The last day of school was in December 1985. I overslept and was rushing to get to my painting class final. My legs hurt so much that I ended up crawling through the art building and up the stairs instead of walking.  One of my professors saw me, picked me and carried me to class. It was the art final portfolio exam, and I could not miss it. He carried me and placed me on a stool. One of my classmates Theresa came over and told me she would pray for me. I was never one for religion so I just smiled and thought it could only help.

After graduation, I could barely walk. My feet hurt all the time, and if anyone touched me, I would feel like something was jumping through my skin. I would take a few steps while holding onto the walls or chairs to get where I needed and then sit down for the rest of the time. I visited doctor after doctor after doctor, but no one could identify the baffling ailment that was robbing me of my life, and I was starting to lose hope.

This formerly high-energy college grad was now spending most of her days in bed sleeping, reading or watching television.  I couldn’t work, couldn’t walk, couldn’t cook, couldn’t clean – couldn’t do much of anything. I was a;ways troubled with stomachaches, upper respiratory infections, fatigue, pains, and yeast infections. The doctors tried their best to help, but all they knew was to put me on anti-inflammatory medications, blood thinners, pain relievers, and antibiotics. My energy was low, and my pain was severe. My friends and family comforted me the best they could. I seemed to be in a never-ending downward spiral, a repetitive cycle that needed to be broken.

I had never been one for religion but, at this point, I couldn’t see any harm in trying to speak to God. So in June 1988, I asked Him to send me help and guide me on a path of healing. I told him I would do anything He asked me to do to get better and I would never forget it the rest of my life. I asked Him to please give me back a life of joy, allow me to be the person I was created to be.

About two weeks later I was at the same physical therapy clinic in Denville, New Jersey I had been going to for the last year and one of the Physical therapists asked me to please go see an orthopedic surgeon. She said, “I just know he will be able to figure this out.” I agreed to see one more doctor. This doctor was different from the others. He asked many questions and said he knew from my story what was wrong with me, but needed to prove it. He ran tests that no one else had done before. Two weeks later, those results confirmed that I had Lyme disease. He said it was a low positive, but positive for sure. He asked me if I remembered a rash on my leg 5 years ago. Of course, I did! The day the dog visited my house in Oswego NY. That was when it happened. And the rash I had the night of the Oswego Speedway was a bulls-eye rash for sure. The doctor also did an EMG also showed that I had nerve damage to my legs and feet. He said there was no cure for late stage Lyme disease and because of the nerve damage, I might never walk again. Although the news was devastating, I found myself overjoyed to have finally found the cause of my symptoms.

Of course, things got weirder. I went to an infectious disease doctor that ran a western blot. It had 3 positive bands. He looked baffled and said it is negative.  But because of the 3 positive bands, he wants to give me 6 weeks of antibiotics. I started wondering how it could be negative if the first one was positive plus I remember the specific bulls-eye rash. And why was he treating me if it was negative?

I went away to the Poconos in PA to celebrate and met a couple there that told me to see their cousin Andy. He is a chiropractor.  I had never been to a chiropractor before. He started adjusting my spine, and within a few adjustments I started to feel my feet again and move my body more efficiently. He tried really hard to talk to me about my diet but I did not want to give up my milk shakes, fruity pebbles cereal, hamburger helper, canned fruit, pop-tarts, soda, and frozen yogurt.  I had no clue that my diet was preventing me from getting better.  But Dr Andy and the owner of the vitamin store I was not working at got through to me, and I changed my diet.

I became fascinated with food and how food can heal or hurt the body. I started reading about the best nutrition program for auto immune and learning how to determine which vitamins and minerals my body needed to start the healing process. Next, I did vitamin and mineral testing to determine which nutrients my body needed. Then came food intolerance testing and when I gave up gluten it felt like a huge, heavy burden lifted from my body.

Within six months of changing my diet, taking the vitamins and minerals my body was deficient in,  and enhancing absorption, my condition was markedly improved! I could actually feel my legs without feeling only pain! My body just started working right again.  I was regaining strength and energy and was actually beginning to enjoy life again.

What I have learned is Lyme happens. It is real, and unfortunately, it is missed too often. A Western Blot will show fewer positive Lyme bands the longer you have the disease. Plus traditional labs are not always good enough. But here is when forgiveness comes in. If one of the early doctors I had gone to had been taught about Lyme and put me on antibiotics early on things may not have gotten so bad. But I am totally forgiving to them and understand they just did not know about Lyme symptoms back in the 1980’s, even though it happened in New York state.

I am grateful to those that have helped me over the years and am especially thankful that my prayers were answered. My faith in God is firm as I know He directed my path to health and healing, and now I spend my days helping others regain their life, and health, naturally.

Today I am living a full life. I have my good days, and I have Lymie days. I enjoy outside activities like mountain biking, walking, swimming in the beaches as much as I can. My family understands that sometimes I just need to stay home and watch movies, play with the dog and enjoy home cooked food.  For more education on natural health I chose Trinity School of Holistic Health because it was the only one in Holistic Healthcare that is founded on the word of God. One of my certification degrees is as a Certified Nutrition Counselor and the second is a Doctor of Naturopathy. I finished school in 1999 and started a practice in the Atlanta,  Georgia area called Nutritionally Yours. I have the privilege and joy of helping people get their lives back.

I hope you have found this story encouraging and you are ready to begin your journey back to good health. It has been more than 30 years since I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. My days now are mostly pain-free and active. From time to time, it tries to come back, but I don’t let it!”

God Bless!
Alane M. Palmer, ND, CNC
Naturopath and Certified Nutrition Counselor

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