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Dangerous Curve Ahead.

When the Department of Transportation wants you to know what to do on the road, they make it pretty clear with numerous, well-placed, and simple signs. As you probably know, though, things aren’t always as straightforward when it comes to our bodies, and the thyroid can send out some of the subtlest, unsettling, and confusing signs of all. That leaves so many of women baffled as to what’s going on with our bodies. Here are 10 symptoms that what you’re experiencing is a thyroid imbalance.

  • Weight loss or weight gain: Have you lost weight even though you are eating the same amount, or possibly, even more, food than usual? Or, have you gained weight despite no changes in your diet and exercise?
  • Is your appetite increased? Are you eating more than usual?
  • Is your heartbeat rapid or irregular? Do you notice your heart pounding even when you aren’t exercising?
  • Do you feel nervous, anxious, or irritable for no reason? Are you moodier than you used to be?
  • Changes in sleep and energy levels: Are you having trouble sleeping? Or, do you feel run down or exhausted even after you have slept well?
  • Have you experienced trembling in your hands and fingers?
  • Do you find that you are sweating more, or feeling hot when other people are not? Or do you find that you are cold when others feel hot? A thyroid imbalance can cause you to be very uncomfortable when others feel completely normal.
  • Joints and muscles: Are your shoulders, hands, or feet achy and painful? Do your muscles feel weak?
  • Are you having more or severe diarrhea? More bowel movements than normal?
  • Are you experiencing fewer and lighter menstrual periods than normal?
  • Have you noticed changes in your eyes like bulging, redness, or irritation?

Confusing, right? Because some of them are complete opposites (depending on if your thyroid is under-or over-performing, so to speak), it can be difficult to pin down precisely what is going on. But all of these can be signs of a thyroid imbalance, and while they may not be as straightforward as we would like, they also are not something that’s in your imagination. I take these things seriously because they keep you from thriving as you should, and I understand the life disruptions they can cause! If the signs are there, let’s figure out what they are telling you.

Want to learn more about what how our clinic and staff can help you with a thyroid imbalance, or find out more about our comprehensive blood testing which includes thyroid testing? We can help you make sense of the subtle signs of a thyroid imbalance. Contact our office today! 


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