YES we can help you even if you are not local in the Atlanta Ga area!     LadyonPhone

1) Phone Consultations available for people outside the Atlanta, Ga area.
We have the experience and expertise to teach, educate & support people that may not be able to come into our office in Georgia. We can help you anywhere you are! If you cannot visit our local clinic we offer phone consultations for people all over the country. (regular office fees apply $195 new patient consultation, follow ups 4-6 weeks later at $155 per hour)

678-372-2913 OR Toll Free: 866-307-2495

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm EST

Saturdays/Sundays: if you leave a message we will return your calls & emails the same day

2) Test Kits available for people outside the Atlanta , Ga area! Anywhere around the globe. 
We mail you the same test kits we give to our in-office clients. The only difference is instead of having an office visit for guidance, we will email or mail you the results with nutritional and supplement suggestions to support your overall health and wellness.
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CONTACT OUR OFFICE:  We care about YOU and we are here to help you feel your best!

Phone: 678-372-2913

More information on test kits
1)  (food allergy, food intolerance, gluten)

2)  (minerals, metals, toxins)

3)  (stool test kits)

4)  (hormone, adrenal, thyroid)




Alane is a very knowledgeable ND with a big heart. My stepdaughter who was living in Italy had seen many doctors over the past 2 years with no diagnosis and a condition that was getting worse. I have known Alane for years and have heard many great testimonies from my patients about how she has helped them so I asked Alane if she could give her a phone consultation and try to figure out what was going on.  Alane really wanted to see her in the office to run appropriate blood work and examine her in person but since it was not possible agreed to do what she could as distance medicine. My stepdaughter felt at ease with Alane immediately and just with questioning her over the phone and ordering some local lab work from Italy she was able to help her through the crisis. She is doing much better now and I am forever grateful to Alane for caring enough to help and having the talent to do so.”  Dr Mark White.

Forever Grateful
“A year ago I was in poor health, always tired, anxious, bad GI health and moody. I stumbled upon Nutritionally Yours. I knew that their practitioner was the one that was going help me get my life back.

We did several test kit throughout the year and all of them have been very instrumental in getting my life back. I have found out my vitamins and mineral levels were not balanced which were responsible for my fatigue. We have found through the stool kit that I was in need of probiotics and immunoglobulins to enable my body to eliminate bad bacteria and strengthen my absorption. I also needed to eliminate gluten to help reduce inflammation. We found out through the Comprehensive Hormone Panel I kit that I would benefit from balancing my hormones better which would improve my mood. And the the Organix/Oxidative Stress test showed that I had blocks in different metabolic and energy pathways.

Once we did these kits we were able to put all the pieces together. I changed my diet and started using some of the best supplements. I am not the person I was a year ago. I can now keep up with my 5 kids and supportive husband. I am no longer moody and anxious. I can now sleep and not be tired during the day. I could of never done it without Alane and her wonderful husband (and office manager) who had the patience to help me get better. I can honestly say they gave me my life back and I will forever be thankful.” 

Paula W, Colorado

“Five short months ago, I called Alane at Nutritionally Yours quite literally, in tears. Having struggling with Candida since my late teens, I had, for the last two and a half years, been a total disaster health wise. Horrible digestion, constant diarrhea, itchy and rash-covered skin, insomnia, total lack of energy, internal shakes, anxiety, cold extremities, brain fog, burning eyes with dark circles beneath them . . . the list goes on and on. Gastroenterologists could find nothing wrong with me, and so I began to despair, believing that I would spend the rest of my life “living” in a state of misery.

Hearing Alane’s encouraging voice on the phone immediately gave me a glimmer of hope, for after explaining to her my story, she replied, “Don’t worry, Matt. We’ll get you fixed up.”

Five months later, I am a new man. Having had to rely on an anti-depressant, sleeping pills and Zantac for years, I am now down to half a dose of my anxiety med (with the hope of being off it completely in the months to come), completely off the Zantac, and sleeping like a baby DRUG FREE. Nearly every one of my symptoms have disappeared, and I feel like I have my life back again. (Not to mention, my skin feels like a baby’s bottom!! That’s a first for me!!)

Nutritionally Yours gave me back what I thought I would never have again, and I will be forever grateful!

Matt Moran

“My symptoms have been going on for 4+ years. So far you have done more than anyone else for me. And you put a name on what is going on. Thank you!” 



Disclaimer: All of the services and test kits offered by Nutritionally Yours are to be used as a “guide” to identify nutritional deficiencies, vitamin needs and the best diet and nutrition program for you. They are not meant to “diagnose, cure or treat” any medical condition.