What is a Life Coach and how is it helpful for you?

LadyBalanceLifeWe all need that safe “person” we can talk to about anything we want to. That safe “person” that truly understands how we feel and can help us identify what is needed to get our life in that easy, healthy balance we so desperately desire. So many people come into our clinic burned out on life and they wonder what happened to their happiness. They wonder if they matter at all.

The answer we want to share with you is…..YES you absolutely matter and our staff can help you see that and believe it and life it. Even with everything that is on your “responsibility” plate.

Family / Spouse / Kids / Friends / Work / Spirituality /  Aging Parents  / Fun / Social Life / Sports & Exercise / Eating Healthy / Time to Cook / Quite Time  / Me Time / Wellness  / Soul

It is kind of like all of life’s responsibilities pull at us all at once and we have to decide how to put a part of us into each item without breaking and being unraveled. Plus there is an important word called “Fun” and how can we enjoy life if we are overloaded with life?

When you find your specific “Life Balance” the Rewards are eternal.


We have the wonderful Dorothy Zander at our clinic here to help with all of your Life Coaching needs. Dorothy helps people that are “out of balance”, going through an “identity crisis” , going through another “life transition”  and even a “loss”. She has been helping individuals, couples and families for over 15 years find their Life joy and balance again through physical, emotional and spiritual guidance to lead to healing,  happiness and peace.

Tuesday / Thursday 9:30 – 3pm

Fees: $100 per hour. First session is 90 minutes then sessions are booked weekely or bi-weekly depending on the needs involved.