Looking for a Weight Loss Program in Atlanta Ga, that is all natural and works GREAT?  We have it!

Lose Weight, Keep it off and Get Healthy Atlanta!

Weight Loss +  Fat Loss + Maintain Lean Muscle Mass  

100% Natural ingredients that are………”FAT FIGHTERS”!

Ingredients help to balance blood sugar, control appetite, increase metabolism rate, increase energy, improve mood, reduce stress response and much more!

Programs can help eliminate pain and inflammation, improve bowel health, improve skin appearance, balance blood sugar, reduce overall toxicity and much more! The weight comes off and stays off. You will not be hungry! Our weight loss programs are safe, natural and realistic.

1. hcg Quick Weight Loss, Atlanta Ga: Kick start your weight loss program with a 3-6 week Homeopathic hcG program.  Most people lose around1-1 1/2 pounds per day.

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hcG Benefits: for quick weight loss Atlanta
Burning stored fat as the primary energy source
Eliminating the fat that just never seems to go while re-sculpting the body
Protects muscle from wasting

2.  Delicious Protein / Detox Smoothies  for “Weight Loss” support. 
Our detox “medical grade, hypoallergenic” meal drinks support Weight Loss & Good Health. We have seen people lose 10 pounds or more per month on this program.

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Detox Drink Benefits: for Weight Loss Atlanta

Detox and feel revitalized!

3.  Food Coaching Session:
If you simply want to learn  which foods contribute to Weight Gain or Weight Loss we can help.

4. Helpful Tests to help you lose weight and keep it off:
Comprehensive Thyroid and Pituitary Testing
Saliva Hormone and Cortisol Testing
Fat Metabolism Blockers

All Natural Atlanta Weight Loss For Children Too!
Children can be taught at any age how and why to make healthy eating choices. Too many children today are at risk for obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. It is never too soon to start!

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